How to choose the best exchange rate on

  The site is the monitor of online electronic currency exchange offices. The purpose of our service is that the user can choose the most favorable conditions for the exchange in the direction of interest to him. It is as simple as possible to do this - in just two steps.

Step 1. Choose the currency that we want to give and receive as a result of the exchange.

  You can make such a selection on any page of our site. In the upper part there is a selector and a button that opens a table with all types of means of payment with which monitor partners work. For your convenience, all currencies are divided into 6 categories:

1. Electronic money
2. Cryptocurrencies
3. Exchanges
4. Banks, cards, wire transfer
5. Money transfers
6. Cash

Currency selector

Currency selector

  Click on the left window to select the currency you want to give. A list with currencies will appear in alphabetical order. You need to select the option you are interested in from the list. You can also enter a name in the search box, it is located above the drop-down list. The program will select the name by the first letters. You can choose any payment tool from the list. Names that are indicated in gray muted color are also available for selection, but for this type there are no offers for the second currency that is currently selected in the right window of the selector.

Select currency to exchange from selector

  When the choice of the first currency is made, we move on to the second type of money. Open the right window and in the same way indicate the currency to receive. In this case, the font color is already crucial. If the name is displayed in gray, then our monitor cannot offer you such an option for exchange.

  The sequence when choosing the types of means of payment given and received does not matter.

  After selecting currencies in both windows, click on the search button to the right of the selector.

Search button

  You will see a table of rates with offers from various exchange services. In this list, we will choose the most profitable exchange rate.

Exchange directions table

  To immediately see all the possible options for exchange, you should use the table. It will open when you click on the orange button "Show all exchange directions in the table" at the top of the site.

Table button for all exchange directions

  The table structured all types of currencies by category. Similarly to the selector on the left, select the type of money that we give, on the right - which we receive. The sequence can be any. In the table, you can immediately see which options are active. It is clearly displayed which currencies can be obtained in exchange for yours, and vice versa - for which you can buy the type you are interested in. If you want to change the choice of currency, then click on another name from the same table, or click on the cross to reset the choice at all.

Table of all exchange directions

  After you designate two types of currencies, you do not need to click on the search button. The site will automatically open for you the same table with rates, which we had already learned how to call using the selector a little earlier.

Step 2. Choose an exchanger with the best rate.

  In the table of rates that opens, exchangers are provided that provide the exchange service for the currency pair that you selected. All offers are sorted by the "Exchange rate" column - from the most profitable to the most unprofitable.

Currency exchange rates table

  For your convenience, there is a function of viewing courses in the opposite direction of exchange. It works when you click on the blue button "Choose reverse exchange" above the table.

Reverse exchange selection button

  The choice of exchanger at the rate is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. For the correct selection, you need to evaluate several parameters and make some approximate calculations. You need to evaluate the rate itself, the minimum amount that the exchanger is ready to take into operation, the size of the commission, the available exchanger reserve for this currency, and of course, you must carefully consider the rating of the exchange service. Our tips on how to correctly work with the rates table - read in a separate article "Choose an exchanger from the exchange rate table".

  Going to the exchanger site will happen when you click on any cell in the row. By clicking on the cell in the "Reviews" column or on the “i” logo in front of the name of exchanger, you will see a page with reviews and information about the exchange office at our monitor. We strongly recommend that you look at the description page of the exchanger before going to its website. From the feedback page of the selected exchanger you can easily go to the exchanger itself - there is an active link with the site address, the logo is also supported by an active link.

  Next you need to use the site of the exchanger, where you directly carry out the exchange. The logic of selecting a pair for an exchange, which we described in this instruction, will be preserved on most sites of exchange services.