Choose an exchanger from the exchange rate table

  After choosing a currency pair, a table will open before you offering rates from various exchange services. It is sorted by cell values in the "Exchange rate" column. As we already said in the article “How to choose the best exchange rate on”, the very best offer is reflected at the very top, the less profitable options go below. Make a choice after comparing several critical aspects. First you need to choose a really profitable rate for your amount, and then stop at one of the most reliable services. The exchange rate table looks like this:

Exchange rate table

  So, we share with you the experience that you need to consider first. First, we select the exchanger whose rate we are interested in. Next, you need to check the rest of the conditions of this service. For your convenience, sorting in a table can be done according to the values ​​of any column. Use this function when matching. To do this, click on the column heading.

Exchange rate table sort

  Here's what we need to check and compare:

1. Commission. Our table has a "Fee" column. In most cases, exchange sites do not charge a commission. Exchange takes place at the rate indicated in the table. But there are cases when you will pay extra when conducting a transaction in addition to the settlement rate. Then it may turn out that the final price of the currency you are interested in will be significantly higher. Anyone can make such a calculation. But the trouble with the situation is that not all exchangers transmit data about their fees to us. There are services that do not indicate a commission in the currency export file. We are trying to deal with this phenomenon. But this is not always effective. In our monitor there are more than 100 sites. Each of them transmits a large number of rates. Even after revealing such a fact, writing the administration’s claim and correcting this point, often after some period of time the situation repeats itself.
  Therefore, only you can choose for yourself the best independently verified conditions for the transaction. Before making a payment, be sure to recount the amounts of the given and received currencies, which will be indicated on the site of the exchanger. You may not notice the difference, and when the money is debited, you will not prove that you counted on other conditions. It is necessary to carefully read the accompanying text in the form with the data on the application, to look at the explanations about the fees. Correspondence of the declared rate to the real one, in our opinion, is one of the most important points on which you need to pay maximum attention.

2. The minimum amount. This value is indicated in the first column immediately after the name of the exchange service.

Minimum amount for currency exchange

  Quite often, our visitors need to change insignificant amounts. Not all exchangers are ready to process small requests. Such sites put a higher rate and you should be prepared for what overpay. This is normal practice. Remember the bank commission when making a payment. In any case, the bank will take some amount for services from you. Therefore, pay attention to the value of the minimum amount when choosing a partner, it is possible that your list will be significantly narrowed.

3. Reserve. In the "Available" column, our partners provide data on the amount of available types of money. If you are interested in a significant amount, then not every exchanger may have it. When searching for a service, you need to limit yourself either to those who have all the necessary amount, or to several those who have the total required quantity in total. Changing, of course, is more convenient and more profitable from one supplier. Therefore, most exchangers offer the option of ordering the right amount of currency. This must be done on the site of the exchanger.

4. Reviews. Not an unimportant point for the right choice, even one of the most important. You need to choose a partner for the transaction, although minimally having studied its characteristics. To read information about the exchanger, you need to click on the cell from the "Reviews" column. This cell is highlighted in a separate color. When clicked, you will be taken to a page with a description of the exchange office. Here you will find an active link to the site, the date of posting in our monitoring, the total cash reserve, a brief description and, most importantly, reviews. Read reviews, evaluate the service. Make a conclusion for yourself whether this partner is credible.

  We told everything about the table. But there are some more tips regarding partner evaluation for a deal. If this is your first time encountering any site, then going to the exchanger site we recommend that you read the information that is posted on it. Take into account the domain zone, the availability of communications, the availability of documents. We advise you to write to the support service. Assess how friendly and clear communication will be. If you liked everything and you are configured to exchange, then you can insure yourself by making a transaction in several stages, by filling out several applications. Everyone uses their own strategy, but do not forget about the general rules of security on the network. We wish you successful and profitable exchanges using monitor!