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✓ official
[2022-05-10 19:44:33]
ID: 493

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Exchange order number: 1214

✓ official
[2022-04-16 18:36:37]
ID: 474

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Exchange order number: 776

Ejiro Okorogri
✓ official
[2022-01-20 14:12:07]
ID: 419

Bad Experience and it seems I'm loosing my Money
I have sent multiple messages, feedback and emails, no response from x-payeer. This is the third day and I have not gotten my dogecoin I bought from them. Below is the transaction Status. Thanks

Order paid by user
Confirmation of payment accepted.
Your request is being processed by the operator.

Send: 1510 Perfect Money USD , From account: U34038086
Receive: 9523.00526 Dogecoin DOGE , Into account: DAobkVKkdPVBBx8VTgM4bftbycLbq6CPA3
Creation time: 12.01.2022, 20:58
Status of order: Order paid by user

Operation ID: 9228
Exchange order number: 9228

✓ official
[2022-01-20 22:12:47]
ID: 420

We made a return to you a long time ago, the review is slander. Check your account perfect money.

✓ official
[2021-11-18 14:46:01]
ID: 345

No payout around 11 o'clock
About 11 hours ago, 2 bids were generated for a total of about $ 2,000.
Requests are not fulfilled, support on the website and in telegrams is silent even during the stated working hours.
Until this situation is resolved, I categorically do not recommend making an exchange here.

✓ official
[2021-06-12 10:49:24]
ID: 192

Обмен skrill usd на btc жду уже 4е сутки.
Рассказывают сказки о блокировке из счета скрилл сразу после получения денег от меня. Поют песни, что договооились с поддержкой скрилл на возврат в течение 12 часов, обещали выслать скрины переписки. Как не сложно догадаться - ни возврата, ни скринов.

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